Home rentals have become a stable source of passive income across the globe, especially in tourist destinations like Dubai. While there are dozens of agencies that provide support for ex-pats offering their property for Airbnb hosting, it is crucial to find a reliable AirBnB host agency that can both – provide a consistent guest experience and look after the property properly.

A recent survey by UK-based landlord insurance company CIA Landlords has found that Dubai is the most profitable location in the world for Airbnb landlords! The numbers don’t lie – the survey reported that properties near the Burj Khalifa, can earn an average of £930 ($1,150) per night, or £339,450 per year, which means it can take only four months for them to break even on their investment!

There are many factors that make Dubai such a lucrative destination for short-term holiday rentals. Amazing events, splendid views and exclusive experiences all play a part in boosting tourism in the region but the returns on your property are only secured when it is run by an experienced property management agency like Propr.

We have managed over 1,400 properties in the last 7 years in Dubai and South Africa. We know what it takes to transform a villa or apartment into a successful holiday home and we achieve this by leveraging technology and our extensive experience. In a market as competitive as Dubai, with close to 20,000 active rental units listed on Airbnb it is difficult to outperform the long-term rental rate without deep expertise in the following areas. Here’s a list of the tasks we do to ensure that your Holiday Home is successful and stress-free:

  1. Market and monitor the listing across 200 portals.
    Propr’s dedicated marketing team ensures that your property is listed on over 200 booking sites, not just Airbnb. Each listing’s price is fixed based on a dedicated real-time algorithm that evaluates the traffic and pricing in the market to optimise your booking. It takes into account location specific events and fluctuations in demand. The team also responds to queries to each platform immediately, spending time and effort to share the details of the property to prospective guests.
  2. Screen guests before checking them in (and out) the property personally.
    The concierge team at Propr ensures that each guest is personally welcomed. We take them on a short tour, showing the features of the property, nearby areas and suggest activities and the property’s amenities. Despite not being on the scene, you receive immediate updates as the Concierges use Propr’s mobile app to complete pre-checks, scan keys to guests and report issues.
  3. Compliant with the Dubai Tourism and Airbnb rules and guidelines?
    Airbnb has collaborated with Dubai’s Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing to promote ‘responsible hosting’ in Dubai and all hosts are required to register with the Dubai DTCM to obtain a permit to list their properties. The guideline has rules laid out on safety, insurance, building laws, collection of the Dubai Tourism Dirham and all the requirements for a Holiday Home to meet the standard acceptable to DTCM. An experienced agency like Propr follows a comprehensive approach to ensure that your property is always following the regulations and technical and operational procedures for undertaking the Holiday Home activity.
  4. Leverage technology to handle the operations, logistics and accounting.
    Propr has made it easy for you to monitor the performance and status of your property – it’s real-time, accurate and transparent. Our property management team updates the status of every guest’s check-in, property maintenance, past bookings, inventories, expenses – basically everything. This live communication tool keeps you in the loop and you can even block dates for your own use.
  5. Maintaining the property, from regular clean-ups to tasteful Decor.
    With Propr at the helm of things, you never have to coordinate with cleaners, laundry or decorators – EVER! When we say we take over the hassle, this is exactly what we mean. Our team does a detailed survey before taking over the property and we work with designers and transform your property into an inviting space. We align your vision and budget to create a fully furnished holiday home at the onset and continue to maintain it throughout.
  6. Hospitality and customer service – 24/7!
    Holiday rentals are becoming increasingly popular due to the personal touch that guests enjoy and our team is available 24/7 to assist guests. We meet and exceed guests’ expectations through quality service by providing information, local insights and support during any emergency.

To put it simply, Airbnb property management in Dubai is a competitive market, while many agencies are eager to host on behalf of the landlord, choosing an Airbnb management company can feel overwhelming. With a tech-backed, transparent and people-friendly staff Propr offers you a relaxed experience. When you host with us, you get a team to carry out all tasks and optimise your property’s booking and maintenance so you can enjoy the freedom of time and the luxury of peace, while making more money than you would off a long-term rental.



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