Heard the story of a poor man living in a rich house? In all manners, he was wealthy, but he lived meagerly because his wealth was tied to assets that did not generate wealth…and we wonder why would he do that? Probably because no one told him about Propr!

Investments in real estate can reap remarkable results – especially in Dubai, the city offers everything from spectacular views, stable tourism, law & order to convenient connectivity. According to experts, ‘The UAE is strategically located and the increase in tourism, as well as the large numbers of people moving to Dubai, keep improving the market dynamics. The UAE has shown resilience and resourcefulness in handling the pandemic, which positively impacted the demand from foreigners and incited them to move to the country and invest in itBut investing in real estate can be challenging. You have to market, maintain and keep the property secure—which can feel a lot like a full-time job. At Propr, we take over your property and help you earn faster a stable passive income, minus the headaches of being a ‘landlord.’ How do we help you achieve all this? Let’s take a quick look:

How do we make More Money for you?

Our aim is simple: we want to help you earn more than you would off a long-term rental while giving you a choice to use the property whenever you like, and you never have to deal with the hassles of estate management.

Propr’s approach is practical and customer-oriented—we know that the real estate game has changed, and we’ve been the first ones to adapt. Short-term rentals are now far more lucrative than long-term ones, especially in Dubai. Many visit the city for holidays with family, concerts or events, or short-term business trips—and this inflow of tourists creates a market that can turn your home into a source of passive income, with a little help from Propr.

With us at the helm, you can multiply the returns from your property without. Since we are committed to transparency, as soon as we visit your property, you will get an estimate of what sort of earnings you are looking at on a yearly basis. We want to ensure our work makes your life simpler, so we have a super smooth app that lets you track the daily booking, transactions, and updates on the property.

Our algorithm is extremely smart, too: it knows exactly the best price you can fetch for your property based on market analysis and past bookings. You simply can’t undervalue or miss opportunities when using Propr.

How do we ensure that the property is always ship-shape

We work with our own team to ensure that the place is professionally cleaned and spruced up between guests. You will no longer have to constantly worry about redecorating, rearranging furniture, and making the place ‘guest-ready’. Think of all the money and time you’ll save once you have handed over the heavy-lifting to us!

Keeping the property ready for the rental is not just a matter of aesthetics, but there are a few legal boxes to tick too. We ensure that you are registered with UAE’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing—which lends your space legitimacy and a security cover.

How do we Save Time and Maximise visibility for your property?

Now, you may ask why do you need Propr? Why don’t you run the property yourself? It’s because Propr will simply do everything for you and your real estate. For starters, we will get visibility and results-driven marketing. We market your property on over 200 booking platforms! By using professional photographers and content-writers every step of the way— your space is packaged to impress!

To add to your peace of mind, we will also screen every guest for your property and do an in-person check-in and check-out. This allows us a chance to welcome guests and confirm the condition of the property.

Being in the business for over seven years, we have learned that a rental is successful only when the guests are happy. That’s why our concierge service and guest assistance team work in sync so that anyone who makes your property their home for a few days is taken care of. While we do all this, you can kick back and relax with all the time you have saved by hiring us!

How do we capture a market?

Dubai is a burgeoning and rewarding market. With plenty of expats and a dynamic tourism industry—it is the ideal market for short-term rentals. While some tourists seek the privacy that hotels cannot possibly provide, others in Dubai are globe-trotting businessmen who seek the comfort of ‘home’. With short-term rentals, you capture and cater to this market. Propr understood and studied the Dubai market extensively to know that this model would work seamlessly here.

What’s more, we know you love Dubai, and every place in it has an exclusive charm. So we make sure you still have complete ownership of your space. Just let us know when you want it for private use, and we will make it happen. Or better yet, use your client portal to block dates for your personal stays.

Global experience

Propr has been a key player in the real estate market since 2015. We have had a strong and successful run in three cities, with more than 500 properties, over 50,000 bookings, and over 150,000 guests! It is these business practices and experiences that we bring to help transform your property into a coveted spot!



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