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How to make money from your home – minus the hassle

June 6th, 2022|

Heard the story of a poor man living in a rich house? In all manners, he was wealthy, but he lived meagerly because his wealth was tied to assets that did not generate wealth…and we wonder why would he do that? Probably because no one told him about Propr! Investments in real estate can reap remarkable results - especially in Dubai, the city offers everything from spectacular views, stable tourism, law & order to convenient connectivity. According to experts, ‘The UAE is strategically located and the increase in tourism, as well as the large numbers of people moving to Dubai, ...

How to Earn Money with Property Management

June 2nd, 2022|

Real Estate is an incredible investment—especially in Dubai—with its dazzling views, the ever-growing tourist industry, and the opportunity for business and investment. Dubai is a global hotspot, a cultural melting pot and has something for everyone—making property here a coveted asset. But there is little to gain if you don't know how to position, market and best use your real estate. Managing a property to earn a passive income takes time and effort, Propr has some suggestions on what you can do with your property to transform it into a money-making space: Allow a property management company to take ...

Property Management Partner for Your Home Rental

June 2nd, 2022|

Home rentals have become a stable source of passive income across the globe, especially in tourist destinations like Dubai. While there are dozens of agencies that provide support for ex-pats offering their property for Airbnb hosting, it is crucial to find a reliable AirBnB host agency that can both - provide a consistent guest experience and look after the property properly. A recent survey by UK-based landlord insurance company CIA Landlords has found that Dubai is the most profitable location in the world for Airbnb landlords! The numbers don’t lie - the survey reported that properties near the Burj ...